Another year, another 90-loss season projected for Twins

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • January 27, 2014 - 3:36 PM


The numbers have been crunched, and based on the Twins' current roster ... er, well, thinks aren't looking good. Again.


Friend of the blog Parker Hageman notes on Twins Daily that Baseball Prospectus co-founder Clay Davenport projects the Twins to finish with 72 victories this season.

Now, that would be an improvement over the last three seasons, but it would also leave their record at 72-90 ... their fourth-consecutive 90-loss season.

Interestingly, the projection includes a major drop-off for Joe Mauer even though he is moving to first base. Overall, it has the Twins scoring the fewest runs in the AL while allowing the second-most.

Again, these are initial projections -- more roster upgrades could change things.

We'll have to see how it looks at the end of March.

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