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Meet the rest of First Ave's Best New Bands

  • Star Tribune
  • January 25, 2014 - 1:36 PM

BBGun: This band’s affable co-leaders, Al Church and Neal Perbix, could’ve played Best New Bands night with either of their previous guitar-pop bands, Al Church & State and Wishbook, respectively. They got together to record an album’s worth of jangly, lovelorn, harmony-laced tunes last year with drummer Jeremy Hanson (Tapes N’ Tapes, Solid Gold) and turned it into a band getting more real by the minute.


Black Diet: Made up of ex-members of JT & the Sloppy Seconds — a wise name change — these five guys and one gal blend organ-fused ’60s soul with a modern rock grind, like a rawer version of Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise. High-haired singer Jonathan Tolliver is a looming presence, too, and should fit in well on the big stage.


Frankie Teardrop: He looks like Jeff Spicoli and talks goofily between songs like Bowser of Sha Na Na, but this Iowa native plays seriously rocking and catchy garage-rock, part Ramones and part “Nuggets”-style ’60s mayhem. He is working with Howler’s manager, Chris Heidman, who has experience with talented rockers who people might like more if they talked less.


Fury Things: A personal favorite, the average-Joe-looking trio offers an above-average update on the loud-guitar, soft-voice fuzz-rock of ’90s bands such as Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. Last year’s “EP 2” was a no-filler five-song blast of roaring melodies. They’ve been recording with Ed Ackerson (Polara, BNLX) and went over well at the last Replacements tribute at First Ave.


GRRRL PRTY: Already set to play First Ave this weekend for 89.3 the Current’s birthday bash, Lizzo returns next week with the rowdy and attitudinal new trio she formed with her Chalice bandmate Sophia Eris and another fire-spitting MC, La Manchita. DJs Shannon Blowtorch and Quinn Wilson back them with heavy but playful beats.


Southwire: Duluth is in the house! This rustic quartet from the Twin Ports plays a unique but alluring brand of nervy, rocky spiritual music that is more ghostly than it is holy. Lead singer Jerree Small has a booming voice that echoed like a hymnal throughout the band’s self-titled debut on the fledgling Chaperone Records.



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