Washington County police blotter

  • January 11, 2014 - 2:00 PM


DEC. 13

Public assistance. A deputy helped a resident on St. Croix Trail get into his home after he’d locked himself out.


DEC. 11

Motorist assistance. A wheel fell off a vehicle in a difficult spot on Manning Avenue north of 70th Street. A deputy waited on the scene with his lights on until a tow truck came.


DEC. 7

Neighbor complaint. Snowmobile tracks were reported through a yard in the 14000 block of Ferrara Avenue. A deputy checked with the parents of a juvenile neighbor who said their son didn’t do it but another neighbor’s child might have.

DEC. 9

Theft. A snowman was stolen off the front porch of a home in the 5000 block of 128th Street.

DEC. 11

Family assistance. A deputy helped persuade a 10-year-old boy to get into his mother’s vehicle after he had steadfastly refused to in the 14000 block of Victor Hugo Boulevard.

DEC. 13

Snowmobile violation. A snowmobiler was given a written warning after a deputy observed him drive across the road at a red light in the area of 140th Street and Forest Boulevard.


DEC. 10

Animal concern. Three cows were reported in the road in the area of 33rd Street and Klondike Avenue. Authorities contacted the owner, who said he’d get them back into their pen.


DEC. 6

Animal complaint. A dog barking for more than an hour was reported in the 300 block of 72nd Street.


DEC. 12

Animal complaint. A black dog was reportedly chasing skiers on the trails near the Jackson Meadow development. By the time a deputy arrived, the owner had kenneled the dog. He wasn’t sure how it’d gotten out in the first place.


DEC. 8

Suspicious activity. Someone put two hockey goals at the end of the driveway of a home in the 4500 block of Helmo Avenue. Two wreaths were also taken from the home and placed on the goals.

DEC. 10

Animal concern. An injured deer was reported walking in the 2600 block of Granite Avenue. An officer located the deer, which appeared to have an injured rear leg, but it ran off and jumped a fence as he approached.

DEC. 14

Assist other agency. An officer helped deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office locate a vehicle that had been reported driving the wrong way with its lights off in the 6400 block of 34th Street. The vehicle was found in a ditch nearby. The driver was arrested for DWI. Another occupant was provided a ride home.


DEC. 11

Traffic violation. A deputy observed a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign in the area of Northwestern Avenue and Hwy. 36. The driver was cited for the infraction and warned for not having the correct address on her license.


DEC. 14

Dispute. A deputy was sent to the 100 block of Clyde Place on a report of a disagreement involving people wielding a golf club and a tire iron. Both told authorities that the argument was verbal only and that nothing else had occurred. They agreed to have nothing more to do with each other.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.

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