Subzero temps contrast 2008 January tornado

  • Associated Press
  • January 8, 2014 - 9:03 AM

TOWN OF WHEATLAND, Wis. — Subzero temperatures in Wisconsin this week contrasted sharply with record warmth that spawned a rare January tornado in Kenosha County six years ago.

Sharon Blume says she'll take shoveling snow any day over the devastation wreaked by the tornado that slammed into the Town of Wheatland during the warm spell in 2008.

"It was like 65 so people were out in their T-shirts and sneakers just checking up on everyone so it was really crazy," Blume said.

The tornado damaged 60 homes. Blume's roof was destroyed.

"That's when we saw insulation debris and the broken trees and there was a house across the way that was starting to be on fire," Blume told WISN-TV ( ), adding that she heard people screaming.

Mary Ann Price said she lost most of the windows, the roof and siding from her house.

"There was a 2 by 4 that went through the wall into the couch," Price said. Yet, she said she considers herself lucky.

"We were fortunate compared to the ones that lost everything and had more structural damage than we did. The house next door's not there anymore," Price said.

And even more than the damage, Price remembers the people who came to help.

"You never probably saw them or spoke to these people but all of a sudden you were a community again," Price said.

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