The Gentle Giant; King of Halloween

  • Article by: Elaine Davis
  • December 30, 2013 - 12:52 PM

Several TC dance communities lost a bedrock member in September with the untimely death of Owen Gamon, age 55, who uniquely crossed multiple dance genres.

A talented patent attorney, comedy lover, Victorian house restorer, musician, writer, art lover, lifetime IBMer, son of Iowa-- Owen's greatest skill was on the ballroom, east coast swing, west coast swing, balboa, salsa, and blues dance floors several nights a week in the metro area over 20+ years. Owen was a highly gifted dancer who competed nationally early in his dance career, was the ultimate gentleman, making sure the octogenarians and scared newbies alike all got turns to dance, with his flair, with style and his ever present sense of humor.

Owen LOVED Halloween and often had multiple costumes for many club and studio dance parties. At a statuesque 6'6" and bald, he made a hysterical diapered baby, Dr. Evil with Mini-Me, breathtaking Frankenstein, jaw dropping Bigfoot, gorilla, leopard shirted mulletted pimp, Goldilocks, and dozens more that played on his height.

Outside Halloween he could be counted on to show up in custom-made zoot suits with matching hats and shoes, in reds, peach, white--eye popping colors, or as a plaid-knickered-tammed twin to Payne Stewart. The dance clubs and studios, Social Dance Studio, Dancers Studio, Cinema Ballroom, Retro Ballroom, Cafe Bailar Club, TC Swing, USA Dance, The Rebels, the MN West Coast Swing Club, Uptown Swing, Salsero--all counted him as a beloved dance-family member. He inspired us all to be better dancers, to be kind to one another, but most of all, to be playful and take joy in life, and that dancing is the quickest shortcut to joy.

We grieve the loss of this irreplacable, creative, deeply kind, funny, generous, gone too soon friend. At his funeral he was sent off with 'I've Had the Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. We know you're dancin' with the angels Owen!

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