Weather cancels, delays handful of MSP flights

  • December 21, 2013 - 9:40 PM

At Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, a handful of flights were canceled and about two dozen flights were delayed Saturday because of the weather, but it was a small percentage of the airport’s 1,100 daily flights.

“We are seeing some impact, but it’s pretty minor,” airport spokesman Pat Hogan said. Saturday’s weather-related cancellations and delays weren’t caused by one storm but were “all over the map — some south, some east, some from the Chicago area,” he said. There were fewer weather-related delays later in the day and into the evening, mainly because there were fewer flights scheduled. But Sunday, with snow and ice in the forecast in several regions of the country, could bring headaches for travelers trying to get to holiday destinations. “We’ll see about tomorrow. It’s a tough time of year.”

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