How to wrap up a gift certificate for expert services

  • December 14, 2013 - 2:00 PM

All about presentation

Because you can’t really wrap an interior designer or handyman and tuck him under the Christmas tree, we asked designer Donna Lang for the best way to present nonmaterial gifts.

“Presenting the gift with little tokens is important, especially if you are giving someone something that is coming later,” Lang said. “It helps them look forward to whatever they are going to receive.”

First, create a gift certificate for the service, or see if the company you are using already has gift certificates. Place it in an envelope or card.

For an interior design or time with an art hanger: Put the gift certificate inside a nice frame. When the certificate is taken out, the frame can be reused.

For a color consultation: Buy an empty paint can and put the certificate inside. Close the can and decorate it. You can also put paint chips, a ruler and painter’s tape inside.

For time with an organizing consultant or cleaning service: Put the certificate in a miniature garbage pail, with a little note on top.

For a garden or landscape consultation: Get a flowerpot with a saucer, and place the certificate inside. Use the saucer as a lid, and secure it with ribbon. Add a bow on top.

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