Neal: Agent Boras describes Pelfrey talks as 'ongoing.'

  • Blog Post by: La Velle E. Neal III
  • December 11, 2013 - 3:40 PM

Spider senses are tingling here at the Swan and Dolphin Resort.

The Twins, according to a source, met with Scott Boras, Mike Pelfrey's agent, on Tuesday night. Word is that the sides made progress on a deal. And there are some rumblings that the Twins might make some sort of announcement as early as today.

What's known is that the Twins made a two-year, $10 million offer to Pelfrey. If progress has been made since then, the Twins must have increased their offer.

I got a feeling something is coming either today or tomorrow. Is it Pelfrey or someone else? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Boras today held his annual massive media session, during which he fielded questions about all his clients - and offered opinions on how much money the Cubs and Mets should be able to spend.

As for Pelfrey, he said: ``We have been with the Twins,'' he said. ``Terry and I have met a couple times, so the dialouge continues.''

Boras later indicated that multiple teams are interested in Pelfrey. especically since some other pitchers have come off the free agent market. ``We're getting down to the point where, all of a sudden, here they come.'' he said.

We'll see what Terry Ryan has to say about this later....

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