Chinese-US school program in Wis. hits delays

  • Associated Press
  • December 7, 2013 - 6:10 PM

PITTSVILLE, Wis. — A program in which a central Wisconsin high school district planned to partner with a Chinese school has been delayed due to issues with the Chinese government.

The program would have allowed about 400 students in China to earn diplomas from Pittsville High School. School leaders hoped to launch it at the beginning of the current school year, but it's been held up, the News-Herald Media reported ( ).

"We're still working out the kinks a little bit from both ends," district administrator Terry Reynolds said. "There were some issues with the China government, and they wanted more information, so they didn't approve everything moving forward."

The partnership between the Pittsville School District in Wood County and two schools in China was announced this summer. It's part of a larger program designed to help American and Chinese students learn about each other's cultures and traditions.

Program leaders from China visited the country in October, which Reynolds said was an important step. He said officials are now trying to plan for next year.

The program is part of a three-year partnership with Satellite Education Program, a cooperative project between districts in the U.S. and the Chinese Ministry of Education in Beijing.

Students in the Chinese cities of Tinjin and Yinchuan would learn the Pittsville curriculum. When they graduate they'd attend University of Wisconsin System schools.

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