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Letter of the Day (Nov. 29): Cellphones on planes

  • November 28, 2013 - 2:00 PM

If the FAA approves the use of cellphones on planes for talking (Short Takes, Nov. 27), then a few rules should be put into place. Those who want to talk on their phones should have to sit in the back, and only so many seats will be available for those people. A soundproof curtain should be pulled between them and the rest of us who don’t want to hear their conversations. We used to have smoking sections in back; now we could have calling sections. Or have flights where people can talk on their phone and other flights where they can’t, and charge more for the flights where people think they have to keep in touch with others. Many people sleep or read on flights, can you imagine having to listen to people talking on all sides of you? Texting is fine — limit it to that!

MARK DALEY, Bloomington

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It isn’t hard to imagine how airlines will react to any new FCC rule on cellphones. They’ll charge passengers an extra $15 a ticket to sit in an area where cellphones can be used and an extra $35 for an area where they can’t.


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