Minnesota attorney suspended for misconduct

  • November 28, 2013 - 7:08 PM

Minnesota attorney Rebekah Nett was suspended indefinitely from practicing law Wednesday for engaging in a pattern of bad-faith litigation.

A disciplinary petition filed against Nett by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility said she made false and harassing statements toward judges and others involved in litigation against her clients. She has practiced law since 2000 and had no history of discipline before this petition.

Nett, 38, of Hastings, can petition for reinstatement in nine months.

All of her misconduct involved cases in which she represented the Dr. R.C. Samantha Roy Institute of Science and Technology Inc. starting in 2010. She filed several documents in federal court containing false accusations that judges had conspired with a Wisconsin city mayor against the company. She also accused local Wisconsin judges of being members of a secretive racist society, and complained that “courts follow no procedures and act as if there is no law.”

Nett was sanctioned in federal court. In a brief to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, she said local officials were against the company because its president was from India.

In 2011, she filed a brief in connection with a lawsuit for the company that called the defendant’s experience of justice to what “Jews experienced under Hitler in Germany.” She was fined $5,000.

In ordering her suspension, the state Supreme Court wrote that the nature of the misconduct cast the legal profession in a negative light and harmed the public.


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