St. Paul robbery suspect shot by victim

  • November 19, 2013 - 9:25 PM

A St. Paul man who allegedly robbed two bouncers at gunpoint thought he was getting away when one of the men shot him in the leg, charges said.

Marcel L. Galloway, 21, was charged Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court with first-degree aggravated robbery, first-degree attempted aggravated robbery and second-degree assault. Galloway allegedly acted with an accomplice, who hasn’t been charged.

According to charges: On Nov. 17, two bouncers who finished their shifts in downtown Minneapolis took their paychecks to the UnBank in the 1000 block of West University Avenue in St. Paul. The men cashed their checks about 3:20 a.m. and returned to their car parked on Aurora Avenue.

Galloway and an accomplice approached the bouncers, the charges allege. Galloway pointed a gun at one victim and told him not to move. The accomplice “now had the gun” and approached the second victim, robbing him of $160, the charges said.

The accomplice pointed a gun at the first victim as Galloway searched his pockets. The suspects didn’t find anything because he hid his wallet.

Galloway and his accomplice left, periodically turning to check on the victims, according to charges. The first victim had a handgun inside the car, grabbed it and watched the suspects, concerned that they would return, the charges said.

The bouncer fired at the suspects when Galloway’s accomplice pointed a gun at them, the complaint said. The bouncer has a permit to carry.

The accomplice fired once while the bouncer fired five times, charges allege. Galloway was wounded in the right leg and arrested by a K-9 officer and handler.


Chao Xiong

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