RandBall: Kevin Love is a (very early) MVP candidate

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • November 11, 2013 - 9:22 AM


So what usually happens is we notice an early trend, write about it, and then the very next game the trend gets dumped on. So if Kevin Love is awful tonight against the Clippers in the second night of a back-to-back, you can blame us.


That said: Love has to be considered an early dark-horse MVP candidate.

It's only seven games, but the numbers and the way he is conducting business are eye-popping. Per the Wolves, he is the first player in NBA history to have 160 points, 80 rebounds and 30 assists over his first six games of a season. He followed that up with a ho-hum 25-point, 13-rebound effort last night as the Wolves won for the first time against the Lakers since 2007 -- and didn't just win, flat-out dominated thanks in large part to Love.

His outlet passes have been spot-on, and he finally has some running mates (Corey Brewer and Kevin Martin) to catch the passes and cash them in for assists. As a result, he's averaging almost 5 per game. He's had a double-double in every game, and his three-point shooting has made a huge difference.

In five Wolves victories, Love is 15 for 36 (41.7 percent) from beyond the arc. In two losses, he's 1 for 11. Basically, he is back to playing at the same level he was two years ago, if not higher because his passing acumen seems to have improved.

Martin and Brewer should get plenty of the credit for this team's strong start as well, but Love is driving the ship. And remember, if he puts up a clunker tonight, it's our fault.

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