Peterson: `We're just kind of out of whack'

  • Blog Post by: Mark Craig
  • October 22, 2013 - 12:01 AM

The reigning league MVP plans on having a talk with the Vikings' offensive unit ASAP.

"One thing I'm going to stress on is being more physical as an offensive unit," Peterson said after gaining just 28 yards on 13 carries in Monday night's 23-7 loss to the Giants at MetLife Stadium. "Definitely be more physical. We were more physical last year. And that's one thing that stands out this year."

The Vikings ran the ball only 14 times for 30 yards, a 2.1-yard average, with a long of eight yards.

"It was definitely tough sledding," Peterson said. "We just really couldn't get anything established up front, and that's where everything starts. We're just kind of out of whack. [The Giants] were bringing some stunts and a lot of movement up front. Nothing we haven't seen before, but it kind of put us in an uncomfortable position and we just struggled with that all night."

Peterson said the problem isn't just the offensive line.

"It's a struggle and I've seen these guys before and I know they can do it," he said. "They're just kind of in a funk. They make good plays as well, but there are plays where we just don't execute like position-wise. We just can't focus on the offensive line. There are a lot o things we can do as an offensive unit as well."

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