Mid-day talker: The games involving a Minnesota team that you would never watch again

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • October 3, 2013 - 2:21 PM

On the night of October 10, 2003, we were not at the Metrodome. Instead, we were out covering a high school football game -- Armstrong 21, Wayzata 20, a search of the Star Tribune archives indicates.

This was before we had a smartphone that could tell us every 12 seconds what the score of the Gophers/Michigan game happening 20 or so miles away was. We got an update at the end of the third quarter: Minnesota 28, Michigan 7.

And we didn't hear anything else until way later.

Final score, of course: Michigan 38, Minnesota 35.

We bring that up because we are exactly one week away from the 10-year anniversary of that game. As such, we coordinated and had our guy Chip Scoggins write a retrospective on that game -- what it meant, how it still haunts players, just what did happen, etc.

It was a painful trip down memory lane, but when we started in on it we realized: we have never seen the game. We knew a lot of the details, but the pain wasn't as fresh because we had never seen it.

Thankfully, we imagine.

For the project, we recorded the game when it was shown a few months ago on the Big Ten Network. But we still couldn't bring ourself to watch the entire thing. Instead, we sped forward to the one part we really needed -- Asad Abdul-Khaliq's fourth-quarter interception, for the diagram that ran with the package today -- and then let it go.

We imagine this game goes on a short list of ones we would never, ever, want to watch in their entirety. We will leave it to you in the comments to come up with the ones that top your list.

[PS: In rereading that Armstrong/Wayzata game story, we have to note that it was a classic game in its own right. Wayzata scored a TD with 9 seconds left to pull within 1 point. They went for a 2-point conversion. Dom Barber -- Marion's brother -- caught a pass in the flat and was tackled about 18 inches short of the goal line. Ballgame. And a tough night in the Barber household].

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