Christopher Clark

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Christopher Clark

  • October 5, 2013 - 7:28 AM

Age: 40, Party or principal: Libertarian, Job and title: Senior building and grounds worker, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Neighborhood: Downtown East, Website:

Priority, if elected: Cut costs! Reduce number of council members to 11. Suggest term limits and allow referendum. Cut salaries of council and mayor by 15%. Use those tax dollars for basic services: police, fire, clean water and air. Take power away from City Council to avoid additional disasters such as citywide Wi-Fi, Photo cop program deemed unconstitutional by Minnesota Supreme Court, no Viking stadium unless residents vote in favor. No more $400 car allowances per month or Block E projects. We're public servants, not career politicians. Held to a higher level of accountability.

Ideas for job/population growth: Interest-free loans for new local start-up businesses for first three years. No more income tax. Work with colleges to make higher education affordable.

Ideas to reduce crime: Hire additional police. Create more neighborhood groups like NECP (Northeast Citizen Patrol). They are eyes and ears of our neighborhoods in Northeast Minneapolis.

Ideas to lower property taxes: Check with city assessors who overestimate some property values in order to get more taxes. Demand less spending from officials or run for office.

Did you support or oppose the Minnesota Vikings stadium package, approved by the city in May 2012? Oppose. The City Council and mayor had no right discussing the matter knowing the City Charter requires a vote by the general public.

Should the city build a $200 million streetcar line along Nicollet and Central Avenues? No.

Should the mayor be allowed to appoint some school board members? Yes.

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