Mark Craig's London, Day 4: Looking both ways and testing beers

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG
  • Star Tribune
  • September 27, 2013 - 3:27 PM

From London …

Access Vikings American Invasion, Day 4

LONDON – Remember when your mother told you to look both ways before you cross the street? Well, ask her for a refresher course the first time you come to London.

An American doesn’t realize how accustomed he is to looking only one way until a horn or two buzzes by, reminding him it’s the wrong way in London. The Brits were nice enough to paint the proper direction to look on the ground on the crosswalks. Of course, “Look Right” or “Look Left” might be too wordy to hold an American’s attention span (See: old sports writers/shooting videos in London).

Speaking of videos, the one we shot in a Swedish-themed bar Thursday night  is right here. The assignment: Go to a pub to sample beers, talk to the locals, sample more beers, ask where the restroom is, sample more beers, repeat. Put me in, coach.

The “coach” (or what you would call a “bus”) ride to and from the Vikings’ hotel and practice facility in Watford takes 45 minutes to next month, depending on many teeny cars are packed onto the tiny streets.

Found out that Christian Ponder won’t play on Sunday because of a rib fracture. Of course, that begs the question. There’s a game this week?

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