Hartman blog: Vikings in tough shape at 0-3

  • Blog Post by: Sid Hartman
  • September 22, 2013 - 5:17 PM

There's plenty to blame from both the offense and defense from the Vikings, who lost to the Browns 31-27 today at the Metrodome.

This game was so different than anyone expected.  The Browns had scored only one touchdown in each of their first two games; they traded their best running back this week; their No. 1 quarterback was injured and they played their third stringer today. But they were able to take the ball, they got it with three minutes left, and march right down the field to score the winning touchdown. 

The Vikings have lost three games, two of them were real heartbreakers.  They led the Bears with 12 seconds to go, and they led this game in the final minute.

When you're 0-3 in this league, you're in tough shape, boy.

I thought the defense would play better.  They got a bad break when Chris Cook and Jamarca Sanford got hurt in this game, but they still have to be able to make some stops. They should be able to stop that last drive and win this this game.

The test of a good team is when they finish strong.  There are only three teams that made the playoffs after starting 0-3 since 1990 -- the 1992 Chargers, the 1995 Lions and the 1998 Bills. 

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