Royal Sweets with Chocolate Balsamic Sauce, center, were the winning entry in the 2012 holiday cookie contest, along with finalists, clockwise from upper left, Cranberry Pecan Swirls, Orange Ginger Drops, Peanut Stars Sandwich Cookies.and Cherry Almond Turnovers.

Tom Wallace, Star Tribune

First call for the Taste Holiday Cookie Contest

  • Article by: Rick Nelson
  • Star Tribune
  • September 18, 2013 - 3:35 PM

December arrives in just 10 weeks. Here’s another startling fact: The deadline for the 11th annual Taste Holiday Cookie Contest is in a month. Twenty-nine days, to be precise.

This year’s winner — and that could be you — will follow the irresistible 2012 title-holder, Royal Sweets With Chocolate Balsamic Sauce (pictured, below) by Patrice Johnson of Roseville. But remember, no one wins without entering.

We keep an eye out for original recipes, but also enjoy previously published recipes that you’ve made your own. We’re also interested in the story behind your cookie, and the role it plays in your holiday baking.

The winner receives a $200 gift card to a local cooking store. Winners and finalists — and their recipes, of course — will appear in Taste on Dec. 5.

When submitting your entry, please include your recipe and story as well as your name, address, daytime phone number and e-mail address.

Enter via e-mail at (please write “Taste Holiday Cookie Contest” in the subject field), or by mail to Taste Holiday Cookie Contest, Star Tribune, 425 Portland Av., Minneapolis, MN 55488.

Hurry: The deadline is noon on Oct. 18.


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