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  • August 22, 2013 - 9:36 PM

Stephenie McMillan, the prolific British set designer whose meticulous eye brought the whimsical world of Harry Potter to life and earned her an Academy Award for “The English Patient,” has died. She was 71. McMillan, who almost always collaborated with production designer Stuart Craig, with whom she shared the Oscar for best art direction/set decoration, died Monday from ovarian cancer at her home in Norfolk, England, said her partner, Phil Hardy.

Ron Motley, a trial lawyer who built a fortune out of high-risk cases against the asbestos and tobacco industries, leading the litigation team that led to the largest civil settlement in U.S. history — $246 billion — died Thursday in Charleston, S.C. He was 68. The cause was respiratory complications related to a long illness, said his friend and law partner of nearly 35 years, Joe Rice. The son of a gas station owner and a schoolteacher, Motley rose to the heights of the legal profession, displaying a startling memory for detail and an ability to get his ideas across, connecting evidence and courtroom tactics seemingly on the fly.

Sid Bernstein, the soft-spoken impresario whose long career included bringing the Beatles to Carnegie Hall in 1964 and Shea Stadium in 1965, died Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 95. Bernstein had built a varied career by early 1963, when he became fascinated with the Beatles after reading British newspaper coverage of the hysteria that typically erupted at their concerts. He had by then presented a West Coast tour by Tito Puente and concerts by Miles Davis, Judy Garland, Tony Bennett, Nina Simone and Ruth Brown.

Ted Post, a veteran television and film director who directed a young Clint Eastwood on TV’s “Rawhide” and later directed the film legend in the hit movies “Hang ’Em High” and “Magnum Force,” has died. He was 95.

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