Dec. 25, 1909: Christmas gifts for Tribuna

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Part 6 : Six weeks after Tribuna’s surgery, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford bundled her up for a Christmas gathering at her foster great-grandmother’s house on South Twelfth Street. How was her health? Readers were left to wonder.

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Holiday Gifts Many
for Two Little Mites

Babies Tribuna Sanford and Ousley to Have Merriest of Christmases.

Youngsters Who Found Homes Through the Tribune, Surrounded by Friends.

Two babies, to whom fortune at times has seemed rather hard, are enjoying their first Christmas today, and to them this is surely proving to be a happy Christmas. 

Tribuna Sanford, who was abandoned on a doorstep, but who found a happy home through the assistance of The Tribune, goes with her parents to the home of her foster great-grandmother, Mrs. A.L. McLean, 59 Twelfth street south, where a Christmas reunion is to be held. Already she has many presents from her many friends, and is crowing in triumph over rattles and gay toys. She is having truly the time of her life, and is doing her best not to miss a single thing that happens in her first experience with Christmas.

Out on Girard avenue is another happy youngster. Baby Ousley, for whom The Tribune found a home when he was left in the overcrowded Jean Martin Brown home, has just recovered from a four weeks’ battle with pneumonia. Though he is thin and wan yet, his spirits are high and he gurgles jubilantly at a magnificent Christmas tree, with toys heaped all around it.

He is wearing a brilliant little ring set with turquoise and pearls, a token of affection from one of his numerous admirers, and tomorrow he goes to mass in a splendid new cutter, which is large enough to hold a dozen like him. He is 10 months old, and already he is beginning to understand talk a little.

To the earnest question put in hearty German that his parents use, “Wie gross bist du?” [How big are you?] he can answer with an energetic coo. Baby Ousley has everything his heart could desire, and there are few children that are half as happy as he seems to be.


The Children’s Home Society opened the Jean Martin Brown Receiving Home for Children in 1903. The St. Paul orphanage at 2239 Commonwealth Av. was home to infants and older children waiting to be adopted. With the help of a Tribune reporter, a Minneapolis woman managed to apply for adoption, select Baby Ousley and cart him home from the orphanage in less than five hours -- just in time for her husband's birthday. It was quite a surprise for the old man! More on that story next week. (Image courtesy of



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