Twins' 13-0 loss drives woman into the drink at Kauffman Stadium

  • Blog Post by: Howard Sinker
  • August 6, 2013 - 12:03 PM

This is one of those cases where the pictures are worth many, many words.

The people at Deadspin have been following up on the case of an Iowa woman who decided to check out the Kauffman Stadium fountain during Monday night's Twins-Royals embarrassment.

Here's one of the photos from a photo gallery posted on imgur:



And you can see the rest of the gallery, including the woman being led away in handcuffs, here.

Then, we direct your attention to Deadspin, for a couple of videos and more on what happened to the woman once she was in police custody, as well as some before-and-after photos from her night at the ballpark.


And there's this:


Somehow, this all makes Jamey Carroll pitching an inning kind of boring by comparison.


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