Julie Jacobson, Associated Press

Letter of the Day (Aug. 4): Gun insurance

  • August 3, 2013 - 4:20 PM

I wish I could share Sami Rahamin’s optimism for getting some kind of gun control legislation passed in the near future (“Honor my father’s memory with reform,” July 31). The obstacles seem insurmountable, so I propose requiring gun owners to purchase gun insurance like we require car owners to have liability insurance. Like cars, guns can do serious damage to other people either through neglect, inattention or malice, and we should make sure people have insurance to pay for the harm they do. Guns that are not properly insured could be confiscated. When you buy a car, you cannot drive it off the lot until you’ve shown proof of insurance. The same should be true for buying a gun. No one’s constitutional rights to bear arms would be endangered, but society would gain some measure of accountability from gun owners. At the very least, victims of gun violence would receive some compensation.


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