Live from L.A., it's Seth Meyers live!

  • Blog Post by: Neal Justin
  • July 31, 2013 - 12:16 PM


LOS ANGELES -- Seth Meyers was at the TV Critics press tour Wednesday to talk about his Hulu project, "The Awesomes," but he was up for answering questions about his upcoming NBC talk show and the future of "Saturday Night Live."

He confirmed that he will continue to do the "Weekend Update" in the fall. "I'll sit at the "Update" desk until they give me a new desk," he said.

He also addressed the fact that "Saturday Night Live" has lost a lot of big names recently, including Jason Sudeikis.

"It's certainly a rebuilding effort, but i don't think it's any bigger than ones that have happened historically," he said.

Meyers' shift into Jimmy Fallon's current spot will happen in February. He's currently working on staffing the show and making sure he has the right "voices."

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