Starz considered a wrap-up of “Boss,” starring Kelsey Grammer, but it’s not likely to ever happen.

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TV Q&A: Quality TV shows often cede to reality

  • Article by: ROB OWEN
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • July 28, 2013 - 2:00 PM

Q: I just watched the two seasons of “The Riches,” one of the best TV shows ever. Canceled (yes, years ago — I do know that). And I subscribed to Starz only to watch “Boss.” Canceled! Both were stellar shows with breakout acting.

Am I the only one who can’t bear to think of another reality show hitting the airwaves? Any plans for stations to bring back “The Riches,” “Boss” or even “Zen” — even if just as a wrap-up for the series in question?

A: While there was some talk of a “Boss” wrap-up movie on Starz, nothing has come of it and I don’t expect it to happen. “The Riches” has been gone far too long for a wrap-up. BBC One canceled “Zen” in 2011.

Reality shows can be less costly to produce than scripted series, which is why they proliferate. Also, people watch them, which is the goal of a commercial broadcaster: to have viewers. Just like any other genre, some reality shows are good, others are bad. They will continue to exist as long as people watch them.

No bitter tweet for ‘Castle’

Q: On May 13 at 10:50 p.m., Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett on “Castle,” posted the following on Twitter: “Ok, ever1. My talented castmates of 5yrs & wonderful crew r the beneficiaries of ur luv n dedication. I wish u all n enjoyable season 6! night S.” Many “Castle” followers feel she is saying farewell to the show. Will she be back for Season 6?

A: Sounds to me as if “Castle” fans are reading too much into a message that seems like a straightforward shoutout to co-workers. A spokesman for the show said that is indeed what it was: “This was just a misconstrued tweet.”

‘Americans’ will be back

Q: What is happening with the FX series “The Americans”? The last broadcast was May 1. It was not labeled a season finale.

A: “The Americans” was renewed for a second season in February. “The Americans” aired all its episodes in its first season and will return with new episodes next year. This is simply the way cable shows work — they air eight or 10 or 12 or 13 episodes, and then it’s a nine-month wait for more. This model is unlikely to change.

‘Endeavour’ series coming soon

Q: “Masterpiece Mystery!” ran an episode called “Endeavour,” a prequel to the old “Inspector Morse” series. It was a successful pilot that spawned a series on British TV. Any chance PBS will pick up the series?

A: “Endeavour” received a series order last summer and it began airing on PBS on July 7. recently reported that an additional four episodes have been ordered and that they will likely air in the United States next summer.

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