Catfight! Grumpy leads Walker kitty-vid voting so far

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  • July 26, 2013 - 1:12 PM


 If she wins the Golden Kitty Award, will Grumpy Cat FINALLY smile?  It's highly doubtful, but that's not stopping her fans from making her the front-runner in public online voting on Walker Art Center's website among the 5,000 votes cast so far.

After the giant furball of success the Walker experienced with its first Internet Cat Video fastival last year, they've changed venues. It will now be held at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand on Aug. 28.

To build excitement, fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite cat-celeb video. Grumpy -- who actually just has a facial deformity and is probably quite happy-go-lucky inside -- faces competition from partners-in-meme Lil Bub, Henri Le Chat Noir, Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat (who will all be on hand at the big event, presuming none of these feline divas O.D. on Fancy Feast and catnip before then).

Vote here by Wednesday, July 31:



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