Anthony Belvedere, 14, of Bloomington, caught and released his first-ever muskie, a 42-incher, on White Bear Lake.

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Trophy tales: White Bear Lake teen brings in 42-inch muskie

  • Article by: DOUG SMITH
  • Star Tribune
  • July 24, 2013 - 7:18 AM

Anthony Belvedere, 14, White Bear Lake, as told by his brother Andrew

“We were fishing for muskies and northerns all day, and had not caught much of anything, so most of our group switched to fishing for panfish, but Anthony kept fishing for muskies with his big inline spinner. He said he saw the fish splash the surface, so he cast there, reeled in a couple times, and, boom, caught his first muskie. While his cousin was trying to net it, he almost fell into the lake. Anthony released the fish.’’



Tina Dunlap of Wayzata was fishing with her husband on Lake Minnetonka when she caught this 51-inch muskie. "I was reeling in a small pike and this beauty came out of nowhere and ate him!" she said. "We fought for about 15 minutes and I ended up winning. I never thought in a million years on a bluebird day in the middle of summer I would catch a fish like this."



Langston Edlund, 10, of Edina, caught this largemouth bass at Lake Ann in Chanhassen off the fishing pier. "I had already reeled my line in after a fun day of fishing, and I asked Langston to bring his line in, too," said Langston's dad, Paul. "It was right then that this big fella went after Langston's sucker minnow. After a few photos we released the fish."

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