Weekend Links with Jon Marthaler: No need for anger about the Twins

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • July 13, 2013 - 8:32 AM

The Twins have lost, at last count, 46 of their past 47 games. This number may not be entirely accurate, but that's what it feels like; I can hardly remember the Twins doing anything but losing every day. Stu captured the feeling pretty well here (warning: profanity) - it's just losing, day after day, without end.

Despite the rapidly-filling "L" column in the standings, though, I can't say with any real conviction that it's bothering me, as a fan. I'd rather see wins than losses, but like most Twins fans, I labored under no illusions about this year's chapter of Twins history; most of the team is either young and filled with potential, or Eddie Harris-like stopgaps, here to fill in until other players arrive.

It's a shame to see another year of Joe Mauer go for nothing, and it's a shame that Glen Perkins can't pitch on a better team, but it's hard to feel anything other than curiosity about the rest of the squad. From the rookies, like Oswaldo Arcia and Aaron Hicks, to the guys like Brian Dozier, Chris Parmelee, and Trevor Plouffe who are in the neighborhood of 500-1000 career at-bats, the losing is less interesting than the question that we ask about any young player: is this guy going to be any good?

I'm sure there are plenty of fans out there who are irrepressibly angry about the Twins' losing, even now. Perhaps you want Ron Gardenhire fired at the All-Star break; perhaps you want Bill Smith waterboarded for his crimes against success. If you're angry, though, truly angry about this Twins year, I have only one question for you: what did you expect?

*On with the links:

*John Bonnes looks at the Ricky Nolasco trade to learn a few important lessons about this year's MLB trade market.

* Parker Hageman, guesting at Baseball Prospectus, talks to Twins VP of player personnel Mike Radcliff about the Twins' top prospects, including newcomer Kohl Stewart.

* Speaking of prospects, Aaron Gleeman looks at previous duos who - like Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton - were in the same organization, and appeared at the same time in the list of the Top 5 prospects in all of baseball.

* Turning to football, Grantland's Robert Mays looks at Vikings center John Sullivan - part of Grantland's All-22 All-Stars.

* And finally: Having trouble remembering the schools that are in the new American Conference? Spencer Hall has written a poem to help you. (Well, I laughed.)

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