Chart: Twins swinging and missing

  • July 12, 2013 - 12:35 AM

swinging and missing

Two games, 32 strikeouts. That was the final tally for Twins hitters on Wednesday and Thursday:

19 Strikeouts in Wednesday’s 13-inning game — including 15 in the first nine innings.

13 Strikeouts in Thursday’s game.

2 Innings out of 22 in which the Rays did not record a strikeout.

7 Times Oswaldo Arcia struck out in 10 at-bats.

10 Twins players who struck out at least twice.

7 Twins players who struck out at least three times.

1 Twins players (Brian Dozier) who didn’t strike out of 12 who batted.

29 Times the Twins swung through strike three (including two foul tips).

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