Opening Belz, July 8

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  • July 8, 2013 - 9:49 AM

Global steel industry is an inferno of unprofitability – Economist
Target founder Douglas Dayton (the youngest of five) dies at 88 – StarTribune
Train loaded with crude oil derails in Quebec, 5 dead, 40 missing – Globe and Mail
Punch bowls, plumbing and aircraft carriers: Fed metaphors – WSJ
Why Brazil’s middle class is seething – Reuters
The Feds can’t quit a Truman-era intervention in the raisin market – Washington Post
Apple may need to offer a cheaper iPhone as smartphone sales suffer – Chicago Tribune
Google Reader is a casualty of the three-way war btw Google, Facebook and Twitter – Marco Arment
Carlson bids to win millennials’ hotel business – StarTribune
Why the rich are less charitable than the poor – Atlantic

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