RandBall: How hot is Michael Cuddyer?

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • July 1, 2013 - 3:00 PM


In case you hadn't noticed, ex-Twin Michael Cuddyer is on fire. How hot? Well, in every game he played in June, Cuddyer had at least one hit. His streak at this point is 27 games -- one shy of being halfway to Joe DiMaggio.


We decided to take a quick closer look at the streak:

*Cuddyer's batting average during the streak is .372, which has raised his overall average to an impressive .344. That puts him in second place in the NL race, one point behind Yadier Molina.

*Cuddyer also has six home runs during the streak, pushing him to 14 for the season. His OPS during the streak is .975 and his batting average on balls in play is .419.

*On the side of fortune: In 16 of his 27 games during the streak, Cuddyer has just one hit. In seven others, he had two hits; in the other four, he had three hits.

*On the side of misfortune: Cuddyer had a six-game streak right before this one started, and it was snapped when he entered a game late and had just one at bat.

*Cuddyer has benefitted from Coors Field. He is hitting .368 in home games; then again, his .323 road average is pretty sharp as well.

*Cuddyer, who was a first-time all-star in 2011, his final year with the Twins, seems destined for a return trip this year when the game is in New York. There are other candidates on the Rockies, but a long hitting streak at the right time of year could seal the deal.

*Prior to this year, Cuddyer had never put together a hit streak longer than 15 games.

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