News of the Weird: Chinese barber specializes in 'eye-shaving'

  • Article by: CHUCK SHEPHERD
  • June 28, 2013 - 1:38 PM

Barber Liu Deyuan, 53, of Chengdu, China, is one of the few who still provide traditional “eye-shaving,” in which he holds the eye open and runs a razor across the lids’ inner surfaces. Then, using a thin metal rod with a round tip, he gently massages the inside of each lid. Liu told a reporter for the Chengdu Business Daily in April that he had never had an accident, and a highly satisfied customer reported afterward that his eyes felt “moist” and his vision “clearer.” A local hospital official said eye-shaving can scrape away scar tissue and stimulate the eyes to lubricate the eye sockets.

Beauty in South Korea?

One of April’s most popular Internet images consisted of face shots of the current 20 contestants for Miss South Korea — revealing that all 20 appeared eerily similar, and Westernized. Commented one website, “Korea’s plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face.” Wrote a South Korean commenter, “Girls here consider eye surgery just like using makeup.” Wrote another, “I loved this episode of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ ” The country has the world’s highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita.

Have toilet, will marry

A marriage-encouraging initiative in the Sehore district of India’s Madhya Pradesh state awards gifts and financial assistance to couples agreeing to wed in mass ceremonies, but the country also suffers from a notorious toilet shortage. Consequently, the district announced in May that to qualify for the government benefits, the groom must submit to officials a photo of himself beside his own toilet to prove that he and his wife will have home sanitation.

Holy eggplant?

A catering company in Leicestershire, England, became a holy site in May after the Hindu owner found an eggplant that resembles the elephant-headed Lord Ganesh. He said that he prays to it now twice daily and has so far welcomed about 80 visiting worshipers.

Questionable judgment

Expectant North Carolina parents Adam and Heather Barrington (who is due in July) have disclosed that they will accept underwater midwifing from the Sirius Institute of Pahoa, Hawaii, which arranges for the mother to swim with dolphins pre- and post-natally. “It is about reconnecting as humans with the dolphins so we can ... learn from one another,” said Heather. Said Adam: “Dolphins are very intelligent and healing, which ... calms mother and baby.” Biologists writing for the Discovery Channel, however, reminded readers that underwater births are extraordinarily dangerous and that dolphins are “wild animals” that “toss, beat and kill small porpoises.” Said another, the Barringtons’ plan is “possibly the worst idea ever.”

Governments at work

(1) Washington, D.C., began registering its dogs this year by their primary breeds and, faced with many owners who claimed not to know their dog’s heritage, quixotically settled on the Mexican hairless dog, or “xoloitzcuintli” (pronounced “show-low-eats-QUEENT-lee,” according to the Washington Post) as the breed that will be listed in city records for those dogs. An official said the decision might encourage owners to learn more about their dog’s breed. (2) Of all the businesses that could fall out of favor with a local government, it was the restaurant Bacon Bacon that was shut down in May by the city of San Francisco — because of neighbors’ complaints about the smell. A petition to overturn the ruling was underway at press time.

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