Know+Go: Elite status on Delta, United to cost more in 2014

  • June 28, 2013 - 1:24 PM

Elite status on Delta, United to cost more

If you fly Delta or United airlines, it will cost you more in 2014 to join one of the elite status groups in their loyalty reward programs. Both airlines announced recently that it’s not enough to rack up miles to qualify for the top tier of the loyalty programs: Passengers must also spend cash. Delta announced the requirement a few months ago; United did last week. The amount that fliers must spend rises with each status level, such as Gold, Platinum and Diamond for Delta fliers and 1K for United passengers. Brian Kelly, an expert on loyalty programs and founder of, said Delta and United might be trying to make the top tiers of their loyalty programs even more exclusive by pushing out the so-called “mileage runners” who take cheap flights to collect loyalty points.


Call airline ASAP if you have an emergency

If you have an emergency while you’re on a trip, such as a death in the family, call your airline right away. That is the moment that agents have the power to waive fees to get you home, rebook or make other modifications in a crisis. A tweet can also be effective. After the fact, communicate by e-mail to preserve a paper trail; using e-mail will get you answers faster than writing letters. Be brief, specific and factual, and let them know exactly what remedy you are seeking.


Free app can help you fill time on long layover

Layovers don’t have to be a pain in the derrière. The free Smart Layover app points you to short-term hotel stays, tours and travel deals to help you fill the hours. Users can also find airport terminal maps and tips. Get flight alert notifications and security wait times, too. You can check out the website before downloading the app, which works on Android, BlackBerry and iOS.

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