8:50 a.m. update: Activity on 494, still slow on 169 and Hwy. 100

  • Blog Post by: Tim Harlow
  • June 25, 2013 - 8:54 AM

Both directions of Hwy. 100 are experiencing congestion between the Crosstown and 394, making for a 15-minute trip through there.

A crash on southbound 94 at Olson Highway has cleared. Look for tight conditions through the Lowry Hill Tunnel over to 35W. That is still 10 minutes.

Traffic continues to struggle through the work zone on Hwy. 169 between Crosstown and Hwy. 7. The slowest traffic is around Excelsior Blvd. Lots of dust in the air there.

Crosstown has its issues between 28th Avenue and Hwy. 100 in both directions, but westbound drivers are having the worst of it. Plan on 20 minutes from Cedar over to Hwy. 169.

We have some activity on westbound 494 at 12th Avenue. It appears to be a medical emergency. That is slow traffic coming in from 24th Av.

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