The property on Lake Minnetonka was built in 1969 on 13 acres of land.

Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

Letters of the Day (June 18): Home teardown

  • June 17, 2013 - 6:01 PM

All the hubbub about Cargill heir Donald MacMillan tearing down a house, albeit a very expensive home, shows how so many people are crazed by envy. I don’t care how an individual spends their dough — it’s their business, not mine. I do, however, care big-time how our elected representatives spend the taxpayers’ money. After only 30 years, the $55 million Metrodome is deemed insufficient and is to be replaced with a new, $1 billion stadium. That does stink.

By the way, one recent letter writer felt compelled to opine on the state of homelessness in our state and the country, implying that MacMillan must have no heart because of his plans. All I know is that Cargill is one of Minnesota’s greatest companies and demonstrates its compassion every day by continuing to grow and create jobs.

Geoff Dodd, Deephaven

• • •

I applaud MacMillan’s decision to remove the $10 million home on Lake Minnetonka. That house is a tragic eyesore. It does not belong there and never did. Anything he might put in its place will be a vast improvement.

As for helping the have-nots, the history of the Cargill/Macmillan philanthropy in this community and elsewhere is unquestionable, and the record stands on its own.

Marilyn J. Palmby, Chanhassen

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