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Cedar BRT opening: How rapid is the new busway?

  • June 14, 2013 - 9:21 PM

Cedar BRT buses will move at the speed of traffic on Cedar with the option of riding on the shoulder if necessary to get around congestion.

To stay on schedule, the buses will have automated traffic signal priority that can extend the green lights and shorten red lights to keep them moving if they are running more than three minutes behind.

The trip along the full length of the busway, from the Apple Valley Transit Station to the Mall of America, will take about 23 to 27 minutes.

From the mall, it’s another 11-12 minutes by Hiawatha Light Rail train to the airport.

To ride all the way from the Apple Valley Transit station to downtown Minneapolis on BRT and light rail, it will take about an hour to the Metrodome station and about an hour and 10 minutes to the Target Field Station.


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