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Letter of the Day (June 13): Turtles

  • June 12, 2013 - 7:35 PM

There have been disturbing reports in the news this week about the region’s nesting turtles.

On the TV news, a Bloomington city bureaucrat stated that she will not bother to put up signs warning drivers that endangered Blanding’s turtles are currently crossing heavily traveled American Boulevard.

The radio just reported that a snapping turtle was gravely injured, left with holes in her shell and a damaged eye after being clubbed at a Wisconsin golf course.

A Star Tribune photo (June 12, page B2) showed a high school golf coach “escorting” a snapping turtle from a course, meaning that the turtle will have to start over in her search for nesting ground.

We are rarely fortunate enough to see these gentle, prehistoric creatures, except during that brief time when they cross roads or find sandy places to lay their eggs and ensure the future of their species.

A simple sign by the side of the road, a temporary safety fence in public areas or the creation of a short-lived golf course hazard could raise awareness of these humble fellow travelers and help in their survival.

Maggi McDermott, Minneapolis

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