At the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis, two of Minneapolis' finest equine members encountered Joey of "War Horse." Officer Robin Waggoner met actor and puppeteer Jon Riddleberger.


Police horses meet 'War Horse' at Orpheum

  • Article by: ROHAN PRESTON
  • Star Tribune
  • June 12, 2013 - 4:03 PM

It looks like a horse and walks like a horse but it sure doesn’t smell like one. On Wednesday, Kristo, left, and Teak, two members of Minneapolis’ equine patrol unit, had a tense but uneventful meeting with Joey, the puppet horse that stars in “War Horse.” The encounter occurred outside of the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, where “War Horse” opens Wednesday night. The show, which won six Tony Awards, runs thru June 23. It features two Twin Cities-connected actors — Edina native Rob Laqui, one-third of the team that animates Joey, and St. Olaf grad Alex Morf, who plays Albert Narracott, the teenager who owns Joey. A review of “War Horse” will appear Thursday.





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