Fire truck.

Jim Gehrz, Star Tribune

Letter of the Day (June 11): Firefighters

  • June 10, 2013 - 6:41 PM

Recently, we used our fireplace all day long. At the end of the day, we noticed a charred-like smell in the house. This led us to a very hot wall adjacent to the one abutting the fireplace.

A check-in call to the St. Paul Fire Department resulted in a cavalcade of fire trucks and firefighters descending on our home. For the next half-hour, personnel from the department checked many parts of our home, finally ensuring us that while the wall was alarmingly hot, there would be no fire once the baseboards were removed. It was also clear, however, that had a major fire erupted, they were fully prepared to deal immediately with that crisis.

If ever we question the wisdom of how officials spend our tax dollars, we would like to share our observations about the quality of service our fire department is providing for us. These firefighters were highly trained and professional as they moved through a protocol that assures property owners that all appropriate measures are taken. They checked our house over from the basement to the roof. Their dialogue revealed the high level of training they must possess, and the thoroughness they bring to the task.

We hope we never again need these services, but our appreciation for their work and concern was heartfelt.

Gerry and Peter Rogness, St. Paul

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