NFL officially moves back 2014 draft to second week of May

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  • May 28, 2013 - 12:59 PM

The NFL is in the final stages of sorting out its 2014 offseason calendar and this morning the league announced the official dates for next spring's draft. As speculated, the event will indeed move back into May, slated next year for May 8-10.

The league has yet to make a final decision on keeping the draft in the month of May for the long haul. But that's where this whole calendar reshuffling situation is headed. In the big picture, the NFL's quest to dominate the sports calendar year-round is leading to a more spread out schedule of events.

As far as next year goes, the league's combine in Indianapolis will remain untouched, scheduled to take place Feb. 18-25. The start of the league year and the opening of free agency will also stay the same, inked in for March 11.

But don't be surprised if the combine and free agency are altered for 2015 and beyond with speculation already brewing and the wheels turning toward a decision to push the combine into March with free agency leapfrogging ahead in the offseason chronology.

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