Know + Go: Delta, American raise fees

  • May 18, 2013 - 3:03 PM

American and Delta have matched the $200 change and cancellation fee on domestic flights recently started by United and US Airways. American, British Airways and Iberia also raised their international change and cancellation fees from $250 to $275, and other carriers are expected to match.

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Boarding pass symbol can speed you through

It’s not exactly like winning the lottery, but boarding passes for some frequent fliers on US Airways, Delta and United airlines will now include a symbol that lets them go through screening faster. The faster screening lines are offered under a program called PreCheck, operated by the Transportation Security Administration. Frequent fliers with five of the largest airlines are invited to apply for the PreCheck program. If they get selected by the TSA to participate, they can go through screening without removing their shoes, belts and jackets or taking laptops and liquid bottles out of carry-on bags. For more information:

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Statue of Liberty will reopen by July 4th

Lady Liberty will reopen just in time to celebrate July 4th — eight months after 75 percent of Liberty Island was submerged in superstorm Sandy. Crews have been busy working to repair Liberty Island’s docks and replacing at least 53,000 bricks on the island’s promenade grounds. The monument did not suffer flood damage, said Linda Friar of the National Park Service.



Website gives flights

‘happiness scores’

Sometimes happiness is Wi-Fi or a comfy seat rather than just a cheap flight. The website considers more than just ticket price to find you a more pleasant flight. It has computed “happiness scores” for billions of flight combinations across 4,000 airports and 750 airlines.

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