Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan has a dozen lakes and ponds and offers rental canoes, kayaks and paddle boards that you can paddle and portage through 7 of the lakes on a 5-mile trip. Paddlers on Schulze Lake. (MARLIN LEVISON/STARTRIBUNE( (cq ) ORG XMIT: MIN2013051510181822

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Letter of the day (May 16): Lebanon Hills Regional Park

  • May 15, 2013 - 6:21 PM

If you’ve never been to Lebanon Hills Regional Park, it’s worth a visit. The park is a perfect balance of nature and recreation. Adding pavement, as Dakota County proposes to do (“Fork in the road for Lebanon Hills,” May 12), would destroy that balance.

The park offers something for everyone, including canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, equestrian, fishing, geocaching, hiking, nature education, mountain biking, picnicking, play areas, swimming, bonfires, cross-country skiing, ice skating, kicksledding, snowshoeing, birding — and so much more.

With its lakes and portages, you have the opportunity to enjoy a day trip to a Boundary Waters-type experience fewer than 30 minutes from Minneapolis. With its rolling hills and dirt trails, it’s the perfect place to get in shape for a long backpack trip. But more than anything, it offers an easy escape from the hectic pace and noise of everyday life.

What it lacks is an overabundance of pavement, which is also part of its beauty. Fortunately, there are hundreds of miles of paved trails throughout Dakota County. That option will not be left lacking by keeping pavement out of this one park.

Enjoy spending time at Lebanon Hills — you will be thankful there still is a place to visit that offers a true sense of wilderness. Let’s keep it that way.

Holly Jenkins, Eagan

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