The Cactus Blossoms

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Best Live Music Act to Feel Like You've Left the 21st Century - The Cactus Blossoms - 2013 Best of MN

  • May 19, 2013 - 9:35 AM

The farther away you get from Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers and other early purveyors of classic country music — geographically speaking, and in years — the more likely it becomes that young musicians carrying their torch will come off as a clichéd, hokey retro act. Song-pickin’ brothers Page Burkum and Jack Torrey defy the odds and tip their hats to the country greats, especially with their all-star backing band that includes pedal-steel maestro Randy Broughten from the Gear Daddies and Trailer Trash. Their original tunes sound 60 years old but have a fresh spirit, and their duo harmonies add to the timelessness of their covers. They play every Monday night at the Turf Club and ramble around on weekends.

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