Solo travelers may enjoy Oxford's summer seminars

  • April 29, 2013 - 2:10 PM

I would love to attend “The Age of Churchill,” one of the week-long courses at Oxford University’s residential summer program. The Oxford Experience allows adult students to sample life in Christ Church, one of the University’s most beautiful colleges, and offers a choice of 10 or so seminars each week, in a variety of subjects aimed at non-specialists, over a period of six weeks. The per-week cost of £1,180 ($1,785) seems incredibly reasonable to me, especially as meals served at the Christ Church dining room — a stand-in for Hogwarts — include wine and are covered by your fee. Accommodations are not luxe by any means; participants stay in typical Oxford student rooms, in buildings whose ages range from the 18th to the 20th century. The modestly-furnished single rooms lack air-conditioning, and are arranged in a staircase of four or five floors. You share bath and/or toilet facilities with other students on your staircase. However, if you apply early, you might score a room with a private bathroom (shower, washbasin, and toilet), and these are available for an additional fee of only £180 ($272) per week. To me, this would be well worth the extra expense.

Kit Naylor

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