Taliban attack kills 6 Afghan police officers

  • Associated Press
  • April 21, 2013 - 2:45 AM

KABUL, Afghanistan - An official says Taliban insurgents have attacked a police checkpoint in eastern Afghanistan, killing six officers.

The militants hit the post Sunday in the Dayak district of Ghazni province, said Col. Mohammad Hussain, Ghazni's deputy police chief. In addition to the six dead, the attackers wounded one officer. Another was missing.

One of many Afghan local police forces was running the checkpoint. The forces are recruited at the village level to protect their townships from insurgents and other fighters, including criminals. The local forces are nominally under the control of the Afghan Interior Ministry.

On Friday, Taliban insurgents attacked a local police checkpoint in Andar, a district of Ghazni province neighboring Dayak. They killed 13 officers, according to Sidiq Sidiqi, the Interior Ministry spokesman.

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