Section 219: A modest suggestion to Twins management

  • Blog Post by: Howard Sinker
  • April 12, 2013 - 2:27 PM

So the Twins are excitedly exclaiming "Game on!" for tonight and expecting however many fans with tickets to brave the freezing temperatures and winds of winter's rotten return. They'll have the heaters turned up and free hot chocolate and coffee. An adventure for those who dare! Definitely an "Explore Minnesota" moment for those watching on TV from elsewhere!

I checked today and the Twins no longer have the policy that used to allow fans to exchange tickets up to 48 hours before first pitch for a game later in the season. It was a policy from the Metrodome years and, understandably, would not have been practical at Target Field when the team was selling out game after game during the honeymoon seasons.

Not that I want to make a practice of telling the Twins how to handle their affairs, but...

I'm hoping that someone at 1 Twins Way has sent one of their underlings to the print shop today to get certificates -- that would be handed to fans as they leave Target Field tonight -- letting them come back for a game at no charge.

Give 'em a half-dozen dates to choose from and tell 'em they have to redeem the certificates within a couple of weeks.

Even make 'em stay through five innings to qualify.

And, what the heck, when they come back for their free game, let 'em in an hour earlier than everyone else so they can watch batting practice!

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