Danica set for Texas race with belt buckle, boots

  • Associated Press
  • April 12, 2013 - 1:45 PM

FORT WORTH, Texas - Danica Patrick is all set for racing in Texas.

Along with the big belt buckle she was wearing Friday, Patrick has a new pair of cowboy boots she plans to be her "game day shoes" Saturday before the Sprint Cup race.

"I will be a little taller, but I will look the part," she said.

Patrick actually put the boots Friday morning, but changed her mind and put on tennis shoes.

"The jeans are too short first off, and you just can't wear boots if the jeans are too short. They look really good, but man I kind of feel like I'm dressing up for the track," Patrick said. "Being someone who likes to dress up, you think that would be OK, but I felt weird walking through the garage with boots instead of tennis shoes. ... I've got to find some longer jeans and I'm going to wear (the boots)."

The belt buckle was a gift late last year from Ricky Stenhouse Jr., also a Sprint Cup rookie who is now dating Patrick.

Stenhouse told Patrick at the beginning of last season that he wanted some Twitter followers. Patrick, a popular figure in social media, told him she wanted a belt buckle in return for her help.

"It was very nice. I know these things, they are handmade. They are not cheap and it's really cool to have," Patrick said. "It says `fastest girl in town'. That was a nice gift. He didn't actually need to live up to that bet, but it was nice that he did."

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