RandBall: FSN Plus problems on Comcast continue

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • April 11, 2013 - 10:01 AM


In late February, we wrote about a problem involving the Fox Sports North "plus" channel and Comcast, whereby a game advertised to be on was not offered by the cable channel. At the time, we were told by a comcast regional VP that the error was a result of miscommunication and that they were "meeting to debrief on the situation and to develop a plan to ensure it doesn't happen again."


That meeting must be ongoing.

The piece we wrote in February has made us the unofficial place people go to when they want to complain about FSN plus on Comcast. Here are a few e-mails we have received in the past couple days, when back-to-back Wolves games apparently had glitches:

10:49 p.m. Tuesday: As you are the ONLY person that I've seen/read/heard addressing the FSN Plus problem, I'm reaching out to you. Again tonight, the T'Wolves finally got on screen around 10:30, possibly a tad earlier. (While watching the "butt lifter" ad, or whatever, "Timberwolves" was on the screen under it.) But the team wasn't. How hard can it be? What address can I use to complain? I can't be the only person in the area looking for it. And tonight, of course, is not the only time since you first mentioned it, when FSN said: it won't happen again. Well, it has several times, at least. When I actually get the game, whatever it may be, I celebrate. (It's about 50-50) I'm near downtown Mpls...fairly easy to receive telecast. Don't the T'Wolves execs look? or the Wild, depending upon who is being shuttled off? Or somebody at Comcast? Thank you for "listening."

9:42 p.m. Wednesday: Why was the Wolves vs. Warriors game last night not on FSN+ on Comcast till the middle of the way though the second quarter? Why did it take till 9:24 for Comcast to switch the channel over tonight? In late Feb you wrote about the problems with FSN+ and Comcast. I think you need to revisit the issue, FSN+ and Comcast is still [redacted].

11:50 p.m. Wednesday: I just saw your Twitter post about angry Timberwolves fans getting an infomercial instead of the game. Comcast just flipped the game on Comcast Channel 13 (SD) version at 11:30 to a Proactiv infomercial. I don’t really care since it was a blowout, but I’m actually surprised by the lack of people commenting on it on Twitter. I’m guessing the current time, the fact the season’s almost over, the score, and their overall record plays a part. That said, this season on FSN+ has been a complete mess. I don’t know why they advertise a channel if you don’t have assurances the game is going to be shown in its entirety. Maybe it’s just a ploy to get people onto HD tvs? It doesn’t seem to be happening on 694.

People are noticing. And they aren't happy.

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