News of the Weird: Chinese women rent boyfriends

  • Article by: CHUCK SHEPHERD
  • April 5, 2013 - 2:27 PM

Chinese New Year apparently turns out not so festive if busy young professional women are unable to show off a boyfriend to their parents. Thus, men offer themselves as fake boyfriends for the equivalent of about $50 a day, plus extras including about $5 an hour to accompany the woman to dinner and $8 for a kiss on the cheek.

Recently, a reality TV series appeared for men needing women for home visits — often they are gay men who have not revealed their sexuality to their parents.

Microsoft fined

In March, Microsoft was fined 561 million euros (about $725 million) by the European Commission after, apparently, a programmer carelessly left out just one line of code in Microsoft’s Service Pack 1 of European versions of Windows 7. That one line would have triggered the system to offer Web browsers other than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which Microsoft had agreed to include to settle charges that it was monopolizing the Web-browser business.

Recurring theme

Being identified with the number 666, the “mark of the beast” in the Bible’s Book of Revelation, continues to trouble some folks. Walter Slonopas, 52, felt required to resign as a maintenance worker for Contech Casting in Clarksville, Tenn., in February after receiving his W-2 form, which he noted was the 666th mailed out by Contech this year.

Bartender fired

Bartender Twyla DeVito said she knew that one of her regulars at the American Legion Post in Shelby, Ohio, was too inebriated to drive home and thus telephoned police, alerting them to a potential drunk driver. An officer responded, observed the driver, and arrested him when his blood-alcohol read twice the limit for presumed impairment. Two days later DeVito was fired because, as her boss allegedly said to her, “It’s bad for business to have a bartender that will call the cops.”

Taxpayer-paid housing

Heather Frost, 36, and mother of 11, is getting a new, specially designed house through the Tewkesbury Borough Council, which deemed inadequate the duplex that the family had been using at taxpayer expense for five years. Frost had complained that she needed larger quarters because one daughter now owns a horse and needs a stable.

Latest in child support

Fathers caught up in state laws on child support have appeared in News of the Weird, but Lional Campbell’s story seems unusually harsh. Authorities in Detroit continue to bill Campbell for past-due support (which Campbell admits he owes even if unsure how much), but only recently did he discover that they were counting $43,000 past-due to support a son who had died 25 years ago at age 3. Campbell said he had thought the support was for another child, born seven years after his late son, but it turns out neither the authorities nor Campbell knows precisely which fatherhood Campbell is paying for. The latest audit reduced the $43,000 balance for the late son to about $6,500.

Poor planning?

1) In San Diego, Calif., in February, two people broke into a Hooters after closing and stole a jukebox, apparently, said police, mistaking it for an ATM inside the darkened restaurant. (2) Jose Perales Jr., 24, was charged with breaking into Dr. John’s Lingerie Boutique in Davenport, Iowa, in February. Surveillance video revealed he was wearing men’s clothing when he entered, but left in a dress and blond wig. In fact, while changing clothes, his bare back was visible, revealing “Perales” tattooed on his shoulder.

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