Krzyzewski argues for college basketball commish

  • Article by: MICHAEL MAROT
  • Associated Press
  • March 30, 2013 - 5:27 PM

INDIANAPOLIS - Mike Krzyzewski thinks it's time college basketball gets its own version of a commissioner.

The call comes at a time the NCAA's leaders have come under increased scrutiny for one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the governing body — the botched investigation into allegations for wrongdoing at the University of Miami. Some have even called for NCAA President Mark Emmert to be fired in the wake of the scandal.

Krzyzewski isn't one of those critics. He just thinks it's time a full-time employee was in charge of the sport to help create some clarity on the sport's most complex issues.

"President Emmert is in charge of the whole NCAA. He's got a huge job," Krzyzewski said Saturday, sitting just a few miles from the NCAA's office in Indy where he was preparing for Sunday's Midwest Regional final against top-seeded Louisville. "There should be someone in charge of college basketball who does this on a day-to-day basis and understands everything about it."

It's an argument coaches in many sports could make.

But few have the clout of Krzyzewski, who has won an NCAA record 957 games, could tie John Wooden's career record for Final Four appearances (12) with a win Sunday and also has a reputation for running a clean program whose players graduate.

How serious is Krzyzewski about making this happen?

"Just so you know, when they put dirt on me, inside, underneath the dirt, I'm still going to be yelling for someone to run college basketball," he said. "We should take a look at everything we're doing for these kids and try to make it as good as possible. I mean these guys give a lot. Not just these (Duke) guys, the Louisville guys. They give a lot, and they're taken advantage of. They really, they are."

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